Monday, 30 January 2017

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Fun Casino Hire Blackjack Roulette

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

So, you’re about to organise the biggest and most important day of your life. Where do you start? Ok, you’ve decided on your life partner (well, it has to be said doesn’t it?), you’ve set a date, you’ve booked all the necessaries like cars, photographers, cake etc. You’ve even managed to book your favourite venue for the reception so what’s left? Aaaah – the entertainment! 

What could you possibly do to make this occasion even more memorable and pleasing for your guests? Well, we’d love to help with that. Here at Aces Fun Casinos you will find everything you need for your special day’s entertainment and to help, here’s a list of the services we can offer:

Mobile Fun Casino - Roulette Table Hire

All the glamour and glitz of a real casino without the risk. Hire one or more of our beautifully crafted roulette tables. This comes with a professional croupier, experienced in putting your guests at ease and enjoying a pain-free gambling session. Roulette is such an impressive game but with remarkably simple rules. Your guests will be playing along like real gamblers in minutes. They will each be given fun money notes (which are personalised with a photo of the bride & groom) that they exchange at the gaming table for chips.

Fun Casino Hire - Mobile Blackjack Tables

Often called ‘21’ or even ‘Beat the Dealer’ another simple (yet devilishly addictive) game of chance and a lot like the well known game of Pontoon. Players bet ‘blind’, receiving two cards dealt by the croupier. They are then asked to decide if they want an additional card or cards – trying to get as close to ‘21’ as possible. This is a massively exciting and fun casino game and along with roulette make the two most popular games there are.

Fun Casino Poker, Poker Mobile Table Hire

Our third most popular casino game is straight from ‘Vegas baby’ and called ‘Let it Ride’. This is a poker game that is at once easy to learn yet keeps players entertained. It’s not as complicated as Texas Hold ‘Em but more interesting than other casino poker games such as Caribbean Stud or Three Card Poker – all of which we stock too. Here at Aces, our equipment is regularly updated keeping it in tip-top condition. We have in fact some seventeen gaming tables of the above varieties. Even so, there are times when demand exceeds supply so don’t wait too long to make your choice. 

Giant Games – this is a service we are pleased to add, running alongside our casinos. If you’d like to add even more fun and variety to your entertainment package we can offer a medley of giant games – great for outdoors summer events, some can be used indoors: Giant jenga, giant connect four, boules, croquet and giant snakes and ladders.  

Wacky Racing - Race DVDs and Big Screen Racing Only for the fun loving – we hold a variety of racing films and indeed ‘live’ beasts that we can bring to your event. Our filmed races include horse, dog (greyhound and afghan hound), pig and camel races. Our ‘live’ entertainment comes in the form of fluffy battery operated ‘beasts’ that run on a five foot racecourse. Pig idols, Team Elvis, Sheep and Wacin’ Wabbits complete our ludicrous entourage!  
A professional compere will explain the rules to your guests, hand out race cards (you may even choose to name your races) and open the betting. Fun money or real money – your day, your choice. 
A fabulous way of getting complete audience participation as it appeals to everyone from six to sixty and beyond.  

Aces Fun Casinos has been around since the Millennium and we hope to be around, maybe not to the next but a good few years yet. We have worked with some of the best entertainers in the business so we are also happy to advise or point you to good, reliable suppliers for photo booths, discos, live Acts – you only have to ask. It’s all part of our service we hope to provide you with on the most important day of your life.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Fundraising with Roulette and Blackjack Table Hire

Taking a bit of a gamble – or was it?
When you are trying to decide on entertainment for an important event – an anniversary, a party, something to impress your clients and colleagues – perhaps even your wedding – you can’t be blamed for feeling a bit nervous about what to choose. Recently Aces Fun Casinos was booked for two very different events – one, an annual award dinner for a golfing community, the other a wedding.

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Somerset Youth Golf Players Fundraising Evening

The first, the organiser ruefully admitted, was an event that always ‘made a loss’. Luckily, his first great decision was to change his venue to the fabulous ‘Oake Manor Golf Club’. There, the catering manager Steve Purchase, with years of experience at putting on a jolly good show, suggested that instead of expecting a loss, why not aim for a profit by swapping their usual after dinner speaker with a fun casino? Would guests enjoy it, would they even play, would it be a gamble worth taking?

Well, of course it was! Our presence at Oake over the years has secured many a happy outcome and this was no exception with three gaming tables bursting at the seams. Our event manager approached each guest offering fun money – one 4100 note for £10.00 and there were many enthusiastic takers for that bargain. 

Lively games, a great first prize for the highest roller and over £800.00 in profit going towards Somerset Youth Golf Players at the end of the night.

Wedding at Wyck Hill Hotel – Stow on the Wold

Following that, we attended a most unusual wedding reception at the prestigious Wyck Hill Hotel near Stow on the Wold. Of course we are no stranger to wedding receptions – always a happy event with guests up and ready to enjoy themselves. This one though seemed even more well planned than most.

Vegas Themed Wedding Entertainment

We had been booked many many months ago by the Groom who explained he was planning a ‘Vegas theme. We were able to help with that as we carry a little ‘Vegas theming. Richard, the Groom, and I’m sure his bride had a bit to do with it too – got so many things ‘right’ you’d have thought he must have done it all before! From the venue to the brilliant party band entertainment ‘The Decibels’, the other great singers who ‘just happened to be there on the night’, the dancing, table decorations – all really worked and the party was simply ‘buzzing’!

We managed to take a few photos – especially loved the funny wedding cake and the ‘Welcome to Vegas’ table signs. We had some exciting moments on both gaming tables. The Bestie did his best but it wasn’t good enough for  going all-in on one hand with a hand of twenty against the dealer’s ten – she pulled an Ace. Ah well, lucky in love so they say…

The dealer’s  run of luck ran out a while later and one very fearless player managed to hike up his winnings to an incredible amount by simply doubling his bet every hand. 

The dealer even stopped to take a photo of a hand you could only dream of in real gaming – three hands of twenty or more against the dealer’s six. No prizes for guessing the result of that!

So – take a gamble on a fun casino for your special occasion – but it isn’t really a gamble as there will be no risk. It’ll be a winning bet we guarantee.

Send a message via our contact form or call FREE on 0800 107 7001 to book the date of your event today!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Speed Camera Detector – Introducing Road Angel…

Speed Camera Detector Warning System

You may have seen in the news this week that the introduction of so-called smart motorways has seen the government collect an extra £1m in speeding fines over the last 12 months, leading some to accuse it of revenue-gathering.

Avoid Fines with the in-car Road Angel

Listen to the Road Angel in action!

New figures release show that more than 1,000 drivers a week are being issued tickets after being caught on roads that have variable speed limits depending on the volume of traffic. Some 52,516 fixed penalty notices were issued on 11 smart motorways throughout the UK – including parts of the M1, M25, M4, M6 and M42 – in 2014-15.

This is compared with just 2,023 fines issued on the same sections of road in 2010/11, a date before smart motorways were introduced.

The figures going to central government from fines on those stretches of motorway in the 12 months has increased to more than £1.1m, from just £150,600 five years ago.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you have a way of detecting where speed cameras are fines will be a thing of the past.

By investing in a piece of kit such as our Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe Speed Camera Detector you’ll not only be making sure you stay within the law, but also saving yourself cash in potential fines.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Car Audio Centre - UK's Car Stereo Online Store

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bluetooth Dab Radio CD Player Alpine CDE196DAB - Car Audio Centre

SALE Bluetooth Dab Radio CD Player

Unbeaten price on this outstanding DAB / Bluetooth Car Radio + CD Player. 

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

1080 HD Dash Cam with builtin GPS and 170° view - CoPilot CPDVR4GPS

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Combining high performance features with ease of use, the CO-PILOT CPDVR4GPS is the only dash cam you’ll ever need for complete peace of mind

Customer Review 2016
Playback quality for nightime driving is the best i have seen, I drive a taxi and only work nights. This is the main feature i wanted as I have to deal with drunks. Its clear, see numbers plates perfectly. Thumbs UP!
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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Website Designer in Bracknell - Dreamkatcha

Logo Design and Website Development by Dreamkatcha

Lee Ault, the owner of Dreamkatcha Design Studio in Bracknell understands that clients may be embarking in their first experience in the ocean of internet advertising and marketing, his SME experience is perfect for taking small companies and helping them evolve into well established and successful online businesses.

Working with Lee since 2015

The first time we spoke over the telephone it was clear that Lee not only wanted to improve his own website presence in Google search, he wanted to learn which elements of website design and development that are best practices from the very early stages of design concept with Search Engine Optimisation in mind.

We have been working together for many months and have succeded in pushing the Dreamkatcha website from Google page 9 to Google page 1 with steady and regular SEO tasks and tweaking the website's on-page optimisation and blog content.

Attention grabbing logo and leaflet designs

The best part about working with a designer like Lee, is when asked for a new creative to illustrate a blog post, or tweaking an old page with new content he's very proactive and responds in a positive and enthusiastic manner.

Here's a video demonstrating some of the graphic designs Lee has created for leaflets and fliers 

Here's a video demonstrating some Dreamkatcha website designs 

With Dreamkatcha you will only ever be dealing with Lee himself, and all project work will be dealt with on a very personal one-to-one basis. This way a professional relationship is easily built up by working in synergy together - altogether a great reason why high quality work can be delivered at an affordable price.

Browse through hundreds of designs at or call Lee direct on 0777 1818 111 to start your website design and corporate branding journey today.