Thursday, 31 March 2016

Website Designer in Bracknell - Dreamkatcha

Logo Design and Website Development by Dreamkatcha

Lee Ault, the owner of Dreamkatcha Design Studio in Bracknell understands that clients may be embarking in their first experience in the ocean of internet advertising and marketing, his SME experience is perfect for taking small companies and helping them evolve into well established and successful online businesses.

Working with Lee since 2015

The first time we spoke over the telephone it was clear that Lee not only wanted to improve his own website presence in Google search, he wanted to learn which elements of website design and development that are best practices from the very early stages of design concept with Search Engine Optimisation in mind.

We have been working together for many months and have succeded in pushing the Dreamkatcha website from Google page 9 to Google page 1 with steady and regular SEO tasks and tweaking the website's on-page optimisation and blog content.

Attention grabbing logo and leaflet designs

The best part about working with a designer like Lee, is when asked for a new creative to illustrate a blog post, or tweaking an old page with new content he's very proactive and responds in a positive and enthusiastic manner.

Here's a video demonstrating some of the graphic designs Lee has created for leaflets and fliers 

Here's a video demonstrating some Dreamkatcha website designs 

With Dreamkatcha you will only ever be dealing with Lee himself, and all project work will be dealt with on a very personal one-to-one basis. This way a professional relationship is easily built up by working in synergy together - altogether a great reason why high quality work can be delivered at an affordable price.

Browse through hundreds of designs at or call Lee direct on 0777 1818 111 to start your website design and corporate branding journey today.

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