Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wrong Fuel In Car? Emergency UK Services from

Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car?

Emergency UK services for the wrong fuel in any vehicle - call us 24 hours FREE on 0800 710 1145.

Have you mistakenly put diesel in a petrol engine or unleaded in a diesel engine? If so, then don’t worry. Many people make this mistake and we’ve helped hundreds of motorists who have put the wrong fuel in their vehicle with our emergency 24 hour fuel evacuation service.

Fuel Pump Services for Petrol or Diesel in any Vehicle

24 Hour Service: When you ring our call centre FREE, one of our technicians will advise you not to start your engine to avoid any further harm to your engine. However if you’ve already started it, then there is no need to panic; you will be advised to safely pull over and park your car in a safe place.
Wrong Fuel Expert Arrives: Next, one of our technicians will be with you within an hour to drain the fuel from your vehicle and you can expect this to be completed within 30 minutes. Our technician will arrive fully equipped with a mobile fuel system that is specifically designed to drain fuel from your car. Also, our technicians are all fully customer trained and hold A.D.R. licences so you can be guaranteed of a first rate service.
Fuel Disposal: Our technician will remove the fuel from your car and other contaminated material and will follow strict environment safety guidelines and health and safety regulations.

Call the Wrong Fuel Experts FREE on 0800 710 1145
So don’t delay! We have a team of fully trained technicians ready to take your call and assist if you have put the wrong fuel in your car. We are available 24/7 and we are ready to come to you and drain fuel from your car, whether it’s old or new.

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