Friday, 23 October 2015

Car Bluetooth Hands Free Kits

In Car Bluetooth Kits Features and Benefits

You may be forgiven for not knowing that Scandinavia’s biggest export is not, in fact, Thor – but the Bluetooth firmware built into your phones, laptops and other techy equipment. Created by the phone company Ericsson in 1994 (you may remember that one successful phone they made after being bought out by Sony – the Sony Ericsson Walkman), Bluetooth is now the most popular short range wireless communication protocol in the world. 

Now, most people would bang on about saving your life or preventing a fine, but for me the biggest reason to get a Bluetooth car kit is laziness. They’re just so incredibly convenient. Every day I get in my car, with my phone, and my music comes on. What? Didn’t know that a handsfree system can also stream music via Bluetooth?

The only thing you should be asking your self is not “Should I get a Bluetooth system?” but rather “Which in-car Bluetooth system will suit me best?” 

Let’s take a look at some of the options on sale at the Car Audio Centre website and stores:

Parrot Bluetooth Music In Car

Fairly invasive and requiring a separate screen to be mounted somewhere, but Parrot is also the market leading Bluetooth firmware. These can be tricky to install as they require integrating into your car stereo’s wiring harness which can be done with a Connects2 t-harness and allows your Bluetooth audio to play through your car speakers.

While the CK3100 starts from around £85, only the MKI and Asteroid series offer the music streaming feature and cost upwards of £100.

Bluetooth Car Stereo

Usually requires a few more parts to fit into your vehicle, as does any car stereo, but much cleaner looking than a parrot kit once installed , all of the Bluetooth car stereos that we offer now include the A2DP Bluetooth music streaming profile alongside the handsfree calling. 

Many of the manufacturers use the Parrot Bluetooth software as well, such as Pioneer and Kenwood, although Sony and JVC prefer to use their own versions.  

FM Transmitters - Plug and Play

A lot easier to install, you just plug in the FM Transmitter and set them to the same frequency as your car stereo. This does, however, mean you can’t have the radio on. All is not lost, though. While these don’t usually do Bluetooth music streaming, they do come with USB and aux connections so you can still send music through your car stereo. They are also significantly cheaper than the other options, with the In Phase BT Go clocking in at around £20

BT Mate Bluetooth Hands Free 

A whole section to itself because it’s the only one like it, the BT Mate Bluetooth handsfree and music streaming device that connects to your stereo via an aux cable. Even if the music streaming doesn’t interest you, you can still use the radio! Most modern stereos have an auto-sensing aux port, meaning that once the BT Mate receives a call it will send a signal down the aux cable and your stereo will automatically switch over for your phone call.

Now you’re fully informed you can choose your device and motive. It might sound better if you tell your friends your reasoning was safety, not convenience.

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