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Cornish Cars - Executive Travel and Airport Transfers in Truro

Cornwall Chauffeur Executive Travel and Aiport Taxi Services

Based in Cornwall, we offer an executive taxi and chauffeur service, helping customers reach their flights, their voyages and their destinations in comfort and style. Our fleet is superbly maintained, our chauffeurs are experienced, professional and helpful – and we put our heart and soul into making sure your journey is stress-free, comfortable and enjoyable. As well as airport and port transfers, we also provide chauffeur driven cars that can take you to special events and corporate functions. And if you’re a visitor to beautiful Cornwall, why not take a tour of some of the many beauty spots in one of our cars? We can tailor it just for you and give you a very competitive price.

Airport Transfers using our executive taxi service

Get your holiday off to the best start possible – book a Cornish car to take you to the airport or port.
Take the stress out of catching your plane, train or boat – let one of our executive cars get you there on time and in comfort. We’ll keep an eye on your journey times – you just sit back, relax and arrive refreshed and ready to go.
We provide transfers to the major ports - and airport transfers to Newquay airport, Exeter airport, Bristol airport and to all the main London airports. 
And when you’re heading back home from your holiday, there’s nothing worse than having to wait around at the airport for your car. We’ll find out when you’re going to land and we’ll be at arrivals waiting for you.

No stress, no parking charges – just a comfortable journey to the airport in a luxury taxi.
We take customers to all the main London airports and to Newquay airport, Truro airport and Exeter airport. We’ll keep an eye on your flight times and get you there in good time for take-off. And we’ll collect you again when you land – so no hanging around at the airport!
We’re a family run business and our customers really matter to us. That’s why we offer a professional and helpful service, with beautifully kept cars and very competitive prices.
Our drivers can help with any special needs you may have, so please just ask us when you book. 

The benefits of airport transfers

If you are thinking about going on holiday, then you’ll need to consider a number of things even before you are on the plane. One of the most important is how you are going to get from your home to the airport. At, we have a number of different options if you are looking for airport transfers in Cornwall. Here, we will explore more about some of the best benefits of airport transfers. 

Why can’t I drive to the airport?

Driving to the airport and parking, is not really a viable option if you are travelling for more than a couple of days, hence why airport transfers in Cornwall are very popular. Driving to any of the main London airports (London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport and Luton Airport), to Newquay airport, Bristol airport and Exeter airport can take a long time so you spend a considerable amount on petrol. Furthermore, driving to the airport is often draining, and as you may have a sizeable journey ahead of you, driving may be the last thing you want to do before you get on a plane. 

Of course, you’ve also got to consider if your car is ‘airport friendly.’ How many suitcases are you taking with you? How much space do you have? Sometimes you actually cannot fit everything into your car so airport transfers in Cornwall might be your only option. 
The last point, and one of the main points you need to consider is the price that it costs to park at the airport. Parking at Heathrow can cost more than £20 a night, which soon mounts up, even if you are on a short trip. Sure, you might be able to get discounts for longer trips, but you’ll still be paying roughly £15 a night, which is very expensive when you take into account it is just parking.

So, to sum up, airport transfers in Cornwall are popular because they are often cost-effective, relaxing, luxurious, and it is one less thing you have to worry about! Just sit back, book with Cornish Cars and relax, knowing that everything is being taken care of for you. 

Tel 01872 384 444 or Mobile 07900 697 444

Review on Pregnancy August 2015

So, pregnancy. 

The one universal subject that gets everyone gooey eyed, talking in baby talk and reminiscing about their own wonderful experiences. "Oh Ioved that bit", or "I simply adored being pregnant". Well the simple fact for me and I suspect a good few more women out there, is that pregnancy sucks. 

Pregnancy Sucks

And I'm not talking about health complications or biology, I'm talking about, not enjoying being pregnant. Now before the pregnancy police come and out, arrest me and mark my door with a big black cross, let me just have my say because I think more women simply don't enjoy pregnancy that we are led to believe and these women are scared of speaking out because of the fear of being shouted down and stoned to death by yummy mummy brigade.

Preparing for a baby

So, here's how it is; preparing for a baby is a big deal, hell deciding to have a baby is a big deal and often the decision to expand the family isn't taken lightly. I consider myself to be the kind of person that thinks things through properly and wanting a family is something my husband and I have talked lots about. And that's it, we've talked about having a family, the joy that family brings, how close we are to both our families and that it's something fundamentally important to both of us.

However that doesn't automatically mean that directly impacts how I feel about pregnancy. In fact I hate being pregnant. It slows me down, I feel isolated, lonely, constantly tearful. I want my body back, it doesn't work as efficiently as it did before. And on that matter, neither does my brain. As a business owner, I'm used to making big decisions, fast my head is full of extra things so much so that I struggle to decide what to have for breakfast. This frustrates me and then in a blink of an eye, the tears come again.

Looking forward to a new kind of love despite everything

I know I already love my child and he's going to change my life beyond my wildest dreams but don't make me feel bad for not enjoying his constant kicking at 3am in the morning, or the sickness that I get when he moves from one side of my body to the other. It's not pleasant and makes me want him to arrive even sooner. But don't cast judgement on me as if I'm already a bad mother because I don't gush about his nocturnal habits.


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tesco Finest Comte Cheese Review - August 2015

Tesco Finest Comte Cheese Review

We all know good cheese and a fine wine are a match made in heaven, so with my recent free Tesco Orchard £3 voucher I teamed my Comte cheese with a Tesco Finest red wine!

I resisted the temptation to open the wine first and opted to go straight in for the cheese triangle nibble - I feel as though I prefer to eat the cheese on it's own when trying a new brand, so it's pure and undiluted cheesy taste in my mouth.

And here's the end results. Plain and simple, and deliciously tasty! 

The cheese was firm but not as hard as Parmesan, yet retained a smooth and creamy finish. 

I served grated cheese on wholemeal creackers that were buttered, topped off with a teaspoon of pesto under half a cherry tomato and garnished with fresh Tesco watercress. 

I highly recommend joining Tesco's Orchard programme so you too can experience new taste experiences and read other people's recipies too!