Thursday, 27 August 2015

Review on Pregnancy August 2015

So, pregnancy. 

The one universal subject that gets everyone gooey eyed, talking in baby talk and reminiscing about their own wonderful experiences. "Oh Ioved that bit", or "I simply adored being pregnant". Well the simple fact for me and I suspect a good few more women out there, is that pregnancy sucks. 

Pregnancy Sucks

And I'm not talking about health complications or biology, I'm talking about, not enjoying being pregnant. Now before the pregnancy police come and out, arrest me and mark my door with a big black cross, let me just have my say because I think more women simply don't enjoy pregnancy that we are led to believe and these women are scared of speaking out because of the fear of being shouted down and stoned to death by yummy mummy brigade.

Preparing for a baby

So, here's how it is; preparing for a baby is a big deal, hell deciding to have a baby is a big deal and often the decision to expand the family isn't taken lightly. I consider myself to be the kind of person that thinks things through properly and wanting a family is something my husband and I have talked lots about. And that's it, we've talked about having a family, the joy that family brings, how close we are to both our families and that it's something fundamentally important to both of us.

However that doesn't automatically mean that directly impacts how I feel about pregnancy. In fact I hate being pregnant. It slows me down, I feel isolated, lonely, constantly tearful. I want my body back, it doesn't work as efficiently as it did before. And on that matter, neither does my brain. As a business owner, I'm used to making big decisions, fast my head is full of extra things so much so that I struggle to decide what to have for breakfast. This frustrates me and then in a blink of an eye, the tears come again.

Looking forward to a new kind of love despite everything

I know I already love my child and he's going to change my life beyond my wildest dreams but don't make me feel bad for not enjoying his constant kicking at 3am in the morning, or the sickness that I get when he moves from one side of my body to the other. It's not pleasant and makes me want him to arrive even sooner. But don't cast judgement on me as if I'm already a bad mother because I don't gush about his nocturnal habits.


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