Saturday, 16 February 2013

Deniz Kebab Weston super Mare

Deniz Kebab Weston super Mare

Terrible proofreading of a leaflet though the door today.

Even worse they signed it off as OK.

Who is the print company????

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Freelance Packaging Designer Manchester Chris Edwards

Freelance Packaging Designer Manchester Chris Edwards 

Retail and Corporate Design Clients

When browsing products at your local supermarket or store, forming an opinion that some packaging seemes inconspicuous, or overwhelming or simply just too plain, the importance of product package design is understood as a direct consumer. This is exactly the same concenpt when a company approaches you wishing to promote a new brand, service or concept. The package design of any product is effectively the face of your product, it is the first thing that is judged. Whether the packaging leaves a product memorable or invisible, it plays an important part in the opinion the target audience forms about your product before even buying or opening it.

First Impressions Count

Good product package design serves as a message to consumers portraying a concept of what your product or service is trying to portray without having to thoroughly read the small print. When holding an item it is natural human curiosity to glance at a product and be able to understand what it is and how it works in a matter of moments. If the decision time is longer than a few seconds, the chances are consumers are going to move their attention to the neighbouring product on the shelf, or the company with an oustanding brochure design.
Chris Edwards is able to produce stunning examples of work to tight deadlines, the images you see on this website are all his own work. You may recognise more than one UK household name amongst his portfolio of FMCG clients.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Architectural Ironwork Products and Services

Architectural Ironwork and Restoration UK

Most ironwork is commissioned because it has to work in a particular space, and it’s also an opportunity to introduce some artwork into your home.

The combining of function and art in must-have items like gates, railings  staircases and balustrades can be a convenient, economical, and depending on how adventurous you are, a ‘fun’ way to improve both private and public spaces.

Add an extra dimension to your house or garden with stylish designs to meet your needs.

Bespoke Balconies 

Period Ironwork balconies in existence today, that have been well maintained, will have stood the test of time remarkably well and will probably outlast many modern structures.

Unfortunately, a vast majority have suffered long periods of neglect, which, in the case of balconies and canopies especially, mean the ingress of water. This will have rotted structural timberwork land corroded areas of ironwork – particularly sections that cannot be accessed.

The complete restoration service by normally entails removing the complete structure, renewing all the timber and repairing / replacing missing sections, and returning metalwork to its original splendour.

We then finish the project with a high quality specialist cleaning and paint finish system before refitting.

Bespoke Ironwork Staircases

Classic Ironworks Ltd offer a comprehensive service constructing bespoke ironwork staircases.
We are able to manage your project from conception to completion using original design or existing patterns. A staircase from a kitchen or balcony can provide access to a previously unused area of garden or patio.

Visit for testimonials, examples of previous works and help and advice with planning permission and other aspects of installation.

Contact– 01934 824 443 / 07769 333 732