Friday, 22 June 2012

Comfy Living - Reasons to buy a bedframe

There are several reasons why having a mattress on the floor may be worse for your health, here's the top 5 reasons why is it recommended to raise a mattress off the surface of the floor.

1) Dust - Common dust gathers on the floor and it tends to get carried around by draughts. The consequence is that you are more than likely breathe in more dust by sleeping on or very close to the floor.

2) Bed bugs - Another issue is the bed bug parasite which live in our sleeping arena, including covers and the mattress itself. Bed bugs prefer to feed on human blood as you sleep at night and are becoming increasingly common. It is easier for bed bugs to get in your mattress if your mattress is on the floor.

3) Mould and mildew - There is a cause for concern that mould and mildew could become an issue when the mattress is directly on the floor as the mattress is not ventilated adequately. This kind of growth has been linked to wheezy, chesty coughs and the spread of infection from the lungs, chest infections have been strongly linked to sleeping in mouldy areas. Actually sleeping on a mouldy mattress is very bad and detrimental to your body's good health.

4) Temperature - If you live in a cold environment, it will be colder closer, to the floor, so that may be a concern. There is also some concern that there are more drafts near the floor. Hot air rises, therefore cold air falls and it will form a draught close to the floor. Clearly, the reverse could be a concern if you live in a hot environment where breathing issues may harm sufferers of asthma, for example.

5) Health and comfort - if you suffer with joint problems it is painful to lower yourself all the way down on to the floor, and also getting up after your sleep when your body is relaxed proves a challenge too.

In summary, Bed and futons frames are essential to prevent health disorders. Bed frames that are constructed with posture sprung slats are proven to relieve symptoms of back pain, or ease the suffering of someone who has an affliction resulting in spinal or joint pain. Let's face it, a healthy good night's sleep is imperative to everyone.
When looking to purchase a bed or futon, it is highly recommended to consider these points and budget accordingly for the product that suits you best. Here's some recommended Comfy Living products for you to consider:

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Wood Frame Bed

Purina Cat Biscuits Review (insiders)

I recently signed up with another products testing site, The Insiders. Their first UK campaign is for Purina One cat food and involves a 3 week challenge to test out the effects and benefits of the food.
From the campaign page:

The assignment is quite simple: feed your cat with Purina ONE for 3 weeks and discover the visible difference Purina ONE could make to your cat’s visible health and well-being.

The testing kit has arrived and it’s HUGE!  It includes 2 large bags of Chicken flavoured adult cat food, 11 small bags to hand out along with information leaflets, coupons and postcards. A handy guide is also included so it’s a pretty awesome testing box!

Aside from trialling the product this is also a Word Of Mouth campaign, the main message to be spread is: Purina One could make a visible difference to your cat’s health, today and tomorrow.

Purina One has been formulated by Purina’s nutritionists and vets to be a complete and balanced pet food. It is purpose-adapted to meet the dietary needs and requirements of cats whilst supporting your cat’s health.

Start: Ate everything I put down without hesitation
Week 1: More energy and vitality (shouting for breakfast of Purina at 5am)
Week 2: Healthy digestion (already pretty good there)
Week 3: A glossier coat, smoother skin, shinier eyes - well, my 2 cats are already in good health and definitely maintained that.