Friday, 22 June 2012

Purina Cat Biscuits Review (insiders)

I recently signed up with another products testing site, The Insiders. Their first UK campaign is for Purina One cat food and involves a 3 week challenge to test out the effects and benefits of the food.
From the campaign page:

The assignment is quite simple: feed your cat with Purina ONE for 3 weeks and discover the visible difference Purina ONE could make to your cat’s visible health and well-being.

The testing kit has arrived and it’s HUGE!  It includes 2 large bags of Chicken flavoured adult cat food, 11 small bags to hand out along with information leaflets, coupons and postcards. A handy guide is also included so it’s a pretty awesome testing box!

Aside from trialling the product this is also a Word Of Mouth campaign, the main message to be spread is: Purina One could make a visible difference to your cat’s health, today and tomorrow.

Purina One has been formulated by Purina’s nutritionists and vets to be a complete and balanced pet food. It is purpose-adapted to meet the dietary needs and requirements of cats whilst supporting your cat’s health.

Start: Ate everything I put down without hesitation
Week 1: More energy and vitality (shouting for breakfast of Purina at 5am)
Week 2: Healthy digestion (already pretty good there)
Week 3: A glossier coat, smoother skin, shinier eyes - well, my 2 cats are already in good health and definitely maintained that.

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