Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Tesco Frozen Healthy Living Thai Green Chicken Curry Review

Tesco Frozen Healthy Living Thai Green Chicken Curry Review

With a price at just £1.50 I was tempted to try this frozen meal, primarily because it was a branded Healthy Living product, and the fact I had not tried the froxen range of pre prepared Tesco frozen meals before. 

I participate in the Tesco Orchard scheme so with the £3 money off vouchers I was sent I ended up trying 2 of these meals for free.

The packing was clear and displayed the calorific content at just over 300 - I was intrigued how it would taste as a microwavable meal. 

The first thing I discovered was that the packaging was perforated, allowing steam to be the method of cooking. Nice.

So, after 7 minutes in the mocrowave and 60 seconds loitering around to 'let stand' I finally got to peel back the film and got to inhale the delicious aroma of thai curry and cooked chicken.

I ate this with nothing else, the meal volume was perfect for me, I would have been too full by eating it with something else. I especially liked the crunchy green beans and the creamy sauce.

Marks out of 10? Personally I am a big fan of chillis and this was not spicy at all to my palette, so I'm giving it a lemongrass inspired rating of 9 out of 10. Next time I'll add some freshly chopped chillies whilst it's standing for 60 seconds!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Remediation Systems and Steam Injection Remediation by Cornelsen UK

Remediation Systems, Groundwater treatment and Landfill Leachate Treatment Services

Cornelsen delivers innovative, robust, reliable and safe systems for in-situ remediation, groundwater treatment & leachate leachate.

Operating internationally from the UK and Germany and widely recognised for excellence in remediation system design, process safety and compliance, we guarantee our competence to operate, maintain and above all optimise our systems day in day out to meet project performance and up-time specifications.

Steam Injection Remediation

Contaminated Groundwater or Soil Treatments include Steam Injection which mobilises viscous contaminants at temperatures of under 100 degress. Harmful contaminents such as such as heavy oils in soil and groundwater are then able to be recovered in a more efficient fashion when compared to other technologies. The inclusion of temperature monitoring points distributed vertically and laterally throughout the formation along with an in-line GC-FID and remote telemetry enables us to provide daily advice and recommendations as required.

Steam Injection Remediation Case Studies

Resolve land contamination issues with Steam Injection treatments and systems from Cornelsen. By the injection of a steam / air mixture the substrate is heated mainly by convection, this injection of steam is continually monitored as it permeates into the saturated zone, whilst at the same time working to induce the mobilisation of contaminants leading to the volatilisation of the compounds within the aquifer.