Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tesco Finest Comte Cheese Review - August 2015

Tesco Finest Comte Cheese Review

We all know good cheese and a fine wine are a match made in heaven, so with my recent free Tesco Orchard £3 voucher I teamed my Comte cheese with a Tesco Finest red wine!

I resisted the temptation to open the wine first and opted to go straight in for the cheese triangle nibble - I feel as though I prefer to eat the cheese on it's own when trying a new brand, so it's pure and undiluted cheesy taste in my mouth.

And here's the end results. Plain and simple, and deliciously tasty! 

The cheese was firm but not as hard as Parmesan, yet retained a smooth and creamy finish. 

I served grated cheese on wholemeal creackers that were buttered, topped off with a teaspoon of pesto under half a cherry tomato and garnished with fresh Tesco watercress. 

I highly recommend joining Tesco's Orchard programme so you too can experience new taste experiences and read other people's recipies too!

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