Thursday, 29 May 2014

360 Degree Feedback and Online Leadership Development

my360plus develops leaders online 

The company my360plus is the latest in leadership, team and talent development using a unique online tool for large multi site companies who want to teach their worksforce to interact and develop each other using our innovative and proven online portal tools.

The my360plus team development tool has been specifically designed for a range of sectors including Utilities, Facilities, Logistics, Lawyers, Retail, Transport, Airlines, Shipping, Building, Construction, Engineering and Insurance. 

On the my360plus YouTube channel there are videos demonstrating how to use the system, plus videos with tips on how best to give feedback: 

A video guide for people giving feedback to others for the first time using my360plus


Using the unique Social Feedback feature ensures continuous development by creating learning networks to empower colleagues are coached whilst coaching each other. 

Visit the website for more information and online demonstration.

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