Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Buy Bird Feeders Online with WildBirdDirect

Buy Wild Bird Feeders Online

What Type Of Feeder Should I Buy?

Browse the range of Seed Feeders, Peanut Feeders, Specialist Feeders and the range of Feeder Accessories that we sell on our website. 

The choice ranges from Fat Balls and Feeders to Mealworms and Mealworm Feeders and the popular line of Table Scraps and Suet Bird Feeder ranges.

Delivered Direct To Your Door

Do you enjoy birds visiting your garden? The best way to attract our feathered friends is to provide a nutritious and tasty food source. There's nothing better than sitting in the garden in the summer and spotting different varieties of birds comng to visit. Additionally in winter, the extra support you can provide to feed the bird population is always gratefully received.

Wild Bird Direct understand the different needs of different species, and have an established customer base throughout the whole of the UK.

Next Day UK Delivery On All Bird Feeders

We pride ourselves on our attentive handling and processing of each and every order placed on our website and over the telephone, often delivering goods in less than 24 hours from the order being received.

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