Friday, 30 January 2015

Tracy Stuart Dental Practice Development & Dental Business Consultant

Video testimonials of NBS Training and Tracy Stuart

NBS Training is an independent Dental Consulting & Coaching company based in Hertfordshire delivering Dental Practice Improvement, Dental Practice Training, TCO Receptionist training, Dental sales training, Dental marketing and Dental practice manager training programs to Increase dental profit to businesses throughout the UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and abroad.

Listen to these great testimonials of NBS Training and Tracy's methods from these two videos below, both filmed January 2015 and uploaded to the NBS News YouTube Channel.

If you are fed up feeling that you and your business are being held hostage and could do so much better if you only knew how to ring fence your Dental Practice, increase your Practice Profit or build a strong harmonious dental team around you - then contact Tracy today to schedule a call.

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