Monday, 2 March 2015

Steak and Mushroom Pasta - Tesco Finest Fusilli Lunghi Col Buco #tryitfree

Tesco Finest Fusilli Lunghi Col Buco

All too often I have rushed my pasta choice, always choosing the same fusilli twists - well this time I decided to experiement with Tesco Finest Fusilli Lunghi Col Buco 100% Italian durum wheat dried pasta.

Be confident in change

Why am I a bit frightened when trying something new? I should not have been worried, I needed my largest saucepan as the length was very generous, and suprisingly the pasta was hollow which added to the pleasure of eating!

Steak is super with marvellous mushrooms

I prepared some strips of rump steak marinaded overnight in Peri Peri dry mix with a little olive oil - then fried with fresh chopped mushrooms as the pasta was boiling. 

Opened a jar of mushroom pasta and boom! Mushroom and steak pasta.

Try it

Go on, try it, be daring be different, I did #tryitfree and I'll be back for more. The photo below looks out of fosuc but really it's steaming hot traight out of the pan and didn't last long at all!

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